Discover, Explore, Dream
Exploring new ideas is very cost effective in the beginning before capital is used on engineering and prototyping. We use brainstorming, customer research, and multiple sources of inspiration for materials, processes and design languages.

Create, Build, Test
Functional 'proof of concept' prototypes are used as early as possible to validate product directions. Sooner, cheaper, uglier, better. Our in-house CNC machining and prototyping shop can provide numerous model iterations, silicone molds, and short run work.

Design, Refine, Implement
Using industrial design sensitivity while considering manufacturing processes ensures your product a dynamic visual statement that won't be compromised when going to production. Final designs are refined in CAD models and rendered with visual material properties for review

Tools and Methods:
User Research
Competitive Benchmarking
Graphic Design
Industrial Design
CAD Modeling
Mechanical Engineering
Computer Illustration
Provisional Patents
Manufacturing Support

Downloading eDrawings Viewer
Prototyping Methods